Quilt Top

  • Make sure your seams are sewn securely and are well pressed.
  • If your border is pieced, stay-stitch the edges of your quilt, about 1/8" from the edge to prevent seams pulling apart.
  • Snip all thread ends and frayed threads on the back of the top. Dark stray threads will show through a lighter fabric.
  • Remove any button, bead or sequin embellishments – these can cause damage to the quilt and machine during quilting.
  • If your quilt piecing includes any loose or folded edges and/or the top has rounded corners or shaped edges, please phone to discuss before making an appointment.
  • Quilt tops that lay flat quilt better, without puckers or tucks. Pay particular attention to the borders: measure across the centre of the quilt, not the outer edges. Excess border fabric will not ‘quilt out’.
  • If applicable, place a safety pin with a 'Top' label at the centre of the edge you want to be the top.
  • Press your quilt top.


Wadding can be purchased as part of your order. I offer four types of wadding: 100% cotton (cream), 100% wool (cream), 80% cotton / 20% polyester blend (cream or black) and low-loft 100% polyester (white).

Estimates for wadding prices are provided in the Price My Quilt tool.

Alternatively you can provide your own wadding. If possible buy it cut from the roll rather than pre-packaged as it will be much smoother. The wadding must be at least 4" larger than the quilt top on all sides. Please consider using a black wadding if your quilt top and backing are dark colours.

Quilt Backing

  • The quilt backing must be at least 4" larger than the quilt top on all sides, eg. for a 60" × 80" quilt the backing must be at least 68" × 88", and must have straight sides and square corners.
  • Choose a good quality cotton fabric that will not shadow through the wadding if the quilt top is light colours, and keep in mind the thread colour you may want for the quilting.
  • To join backing fabrics please remove the selvages, use a 1/2" seam allowance and press the seams open.
  • Please note it is unlikely a pieced backing will be centred exactly. If applicable, place a safety pin with a 'Top' label at the centre of the edge you want to be the top.
  • Press your quilt backing.


I use only 100% long staple mercerised cotton thread and offer a wide range of both solid and variegated colours. Customers may choose thread colours or leave the decision to me. I will discuss with you your likes and the effect you are wishing to achieve.

Additional Services

Preparation tasks such as ironing the quilt top and/or backing fabric; seaming backing fabric; squaring up backing fabric; stay-stitching pieced borders and repairing 'popped' seams are each charged for at £20 per hour.

Delivery & Payment

You may hand deliver, by appointment only, your quilt to my studio.

Alternatively you may mail/courier your quilt, but you must contact me first to ensure my availability to receive it. Please enclose your full contact details (address, phone and email) and use a 'signed for' service.

The balance, including return delivery costs if applicable, is due upon completion of the agreed work. You will be emailed an invoice including my payment details – please note I accept payment only by cash (in person), cheque or bank transfer. Quilts will be returned once full payment is received.