I have many edge-to-edge patterns for you to choose from, including children's, masculine and Christmas designs. These are quilted from side to side, top to bottom, over the whole quilt.

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Animals - African Safari, Peg Stone
Animals - African Safari
Peg Stone
Animals - Cat Paws, Dave Hudson
Animals - Cat Paws
Dave Hudson
Animals - Cats, Dave Hudson
Animals - Cats
Dave Hudson
Animals - Floppy, Dave Hudson
Animals - Floppy
Dave Hudson
Animals - Hip Kitties, Denise Schillinger
Animals - Hip Kitties
Denise Schillinger
Animals - Lounge Lizards, Patricia E Ritter
Animals - Lounge Lizards
Patricia E Ritter
Animals - Maple Squirrels, Judy Lyon
Animals - Maple Squirrels
Judy Lyon
Animals - Meeces, Roxanne McTeague
Animals - Meeces
Roxanne McTeague
Animals - Monkey Vine, Judy Lyon
Animals - Monkey Vine
Judy Lyon
Animals - Ribbit, Patricia E Ritter
Animals - Ribbit
Patricia E Ritter
Animals - Sheep, Linda Taylor
Animals - Sheep
Linda Taylor
Animals - Snakeskin, Judy Lyon
Animals - Snakeskin
Judy Lyon
Birds - Chickadee, Anne Bright
Birds - Chickadee
Anne Bright
Birds - Owlets, Judy Lyon
Birds - Owlets
Judy Lyon
For boys - Dragons Galore, Judy Lyon
For boys - Dragons Galore
Judy Lyon
For boys - Hot Wheels, Dave Hudson
For boys - Hot Wheels
Dave Hudson
For boys - Spaced Out, Irene Steele
For boys - Spaced Out
Irene Steele
For boys - Target, Anne Bright
For boys - Target
Anne Bright
For boys - Toy Airplane, Dave Hudson
For boys - Toy Airplane
Dave Hudson
For girls - Annie, Dave Hudson
For girls - Annie
Dave Hudson
For girls - Fairy World, Dave Hudson
For girls - Fairy World
Dave Hudson
Misc - Allegiance, Kristin Hoftyzer
Misc - Allegiance
Kristin Hoftyzer
Misc - Baby Dreams, Judy Lyon
Misc - Baby Dreams
Judy Lyon
Misc - Card Game, Dave Hudson
Misc - Card Game
Dave Hudson
Misc - I Spy 1-2-3, Nancy Read
Misc - I Spy 1-2-3
Nancy Read
Misc - Mozart, Jodi Beamish
Misc - Mozart
Jodi Beamish
Misc - Puzzle Pieces, Kathie James
Misc - Puzzle Pieces
Kathie James
Misc - Splash, Anne Bright
Misc - Splash
Anne Bright
Sea - Deep Blue, Dave Hudson
Sea - Deep Blue
Dave Hudson
Sea - Fish, Norma Sharp/Counce
Sea - Fish
Norma Sharp/Counce
Sea - Sea Turtles, Dave Hudson
Sea - Sea Turtles
Dave Hudson
Sea - Seascape, Judy Lyon
Sea - Seascape
Judy Lyon