I have many edge-to-edge patterns for you to choose from, including children's, masculine and Christmas designs. These are quilted from side to side, top to bottom, over the whole quilt.

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Amaze Me, Barbara Becker
Amaze Me
Barbara Becker
Banana Swirl, Barbara Becker
Banana Swirl
Barbara Becker
Circuit Board, Abby Thompson
Circuit Board
Abby Thompson
Dazzle, Hermione Agee
Hermione Agee
Ebb and Flow, Hermione Agee
Ebb and Flow
Hermione Agee
Fast Forward, Norma Sharp/Counce
Fast Forward
Norma Sharp/Counce
Fern Meander, Kathie James
Fern Meander
Kathie James
Geometric, Anne Bright
Anne Bright
Mambo, Patricia Ritter
Patricia Ritter
Peacock Feathers, Apricot Moon
Peacock Feathers
Apricot Moon
Retro Leaves, Anne Bright
Retro Leaves
Anne Bright
Ripples, Ronald Moorehead
Ronald Moorehead
Seaweed, Hermione Agee
Hermione Agee
Spirals, large, Ronald Moorehead
Spirals, large
Ronald Moorehead
Spirals, small, Ronald Moorehead
Spirals, small
Ronald Moorehead
Spur, Hermione Agee
Hermione Agee
Target, Anne Bright
Anne Bright
Wrap It Up, Barbara Becker
Wrap It Up
Barbara Becker