I have many edge-to-edge patterns for you to choose from, including children's, masculine and Christmas designs. These are quilted from side to side, top to bottom, over the whole quilt.

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Antique Lace Border, Patricia E Ritter
Antique Lace Border
Patricia E Ritter
Chantilly Lace, Norma Sharp/Counce
Chantilly Lace
Norma Sharp/Counce
Feathers - Americana Flourish, Judy Lyon
Feathers - Americana Flourish
Judy Lyon
Feathers - Bountiful Feathers, Hermione Agee
Feathers - Bountiful Feathers
Hermione Agee
Feathers - Cotton Candy, Norma Sharp/Counce
Feathers - Cotton Candy
Norma Sharp/Counce
Feathers - Dusty Miller, Patricia E Ritter
Feathers - Dusty Miller
Patricia E Ritter
Feathers - Feather Feather, Kathie James
Feathers - Feather Feather
Kathie James
Feathers - Feather Frond, Jodi Beamish
Feathers - Feather Frond
Jodi Beamish
Feathers - Feather Meandering, Linda Taylor
Feathers - Feather Meandering
Linda Taylor
Feathers - Flurry, Judy Lyon
Feathers - Flurry
Judy Lyon
Feathers - Halcyon, Hermione Agee
Feathers - Halcyon
Hermione Agee
Feathers - Here & There, Keryn Emmerson
Feathers - Here & There
Keryn Emmerson
Feathers - Maidenhair Fern, Patricia E Ritter
Feathers - Maidenhair Fern
Patricia E Ritter
Feathers - Stoneware Churn, Judy Lyon
Feathers - Stoneware Churn
Judy Lyon
Hearts - Hearts & Loops, Linda Taylor
Hearts - Hearts & Loops
Linda Taylor
Hearts - Heartstrings, Jodi Beamish
Hearts - Heartstrings
Jodi Beamish
Hearts - Ivy Vine, Dave Hudson
Hearts - Ivy Vine
Dave Hudson
Hearts - Wild Hearts 1, Crystal Smythe
Hearts - Wild Hearts 1
Crystal Smythe
Hearts - Wild Hearts 2, Crystal Smythe
Hearts - Wild Hearts 2
Crystal Smythe
Peacock Fan, Jodi Beamish
Peacock Fan
Jodi Beamish
Pretty Paisley, Benay Derr
Pretty Paisley
Benay Derr
Scottish Paisley, Judy Lyon
Scottish Paisley
Judy Lyon
Victorian Gingerbread, Judy Lyon
Victorian Gingerbread
Judy Lyon