I have many edge-to-edge patterns for you to choose from, including children's, masculine and Christmas designs. These are quilted from side to side, top to bottom, over the whole quilt.

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+motif - Aves, Anne Bright
+motif - Aves
Anne Bright
+motif - Dragonflies, Patricia E Ritter
+motif - Dragonflies
Patricia E Ritter
+motif - Mariposa, Anne Bright
+motif - Mariposa
Anne Bright
Asian - Asian Elegance, Debra D Geissler
Asian - Asian Elegance
Debra D Geissler
Asian - Camellias, Irene Steele
Asian - Camellias
Irene Steele
Asian - Cherry Blossoms, Judy Lyon
Asian - Cherry Blossoms
Judy Lyon
Asian - Clamflower, Lisa Thiessen
Asian - Clamflower
Lisa Thiessen
Asian - Ginko Leaves, Patricia E Ritter
Asian - Ginko Leaves
Patricia E Ritter
Asian - Japonica Blooms, Judy Lyon
Asian - Japonica Blooms
Judy Lyon
Asian - Waterlilies, Summa Design
Asian - Waterlilies
Summa Design
Flowers - Alfresco, Hermione Agee
Flowers - Alfresco
Hermione Agee
Flowers - April, Anne Bright
Flowers - April
Anne Bright
Flowers - Bed of Rosebuds, Jodie Beamish
Flowers - Bed of Rosebuds
Jodie Beamish
Flowers - Bell Blosson, Hermione Agee
Flowers - Bell Blosson
Hermione Agee
Flowers - Bellflower, Keryn Emmerson
Flowers - Bellflower
Keryn Emmerson
Flowers - Bloomin' Stars, Benay Derr
Flowers - Bloomin' Stars
Benay Derr
Flowers - Blooming Things, Anne Bright
Flowers - Blooming Things
Anne Bright
Flowers - Botanica, Hermione Agee
Flowers - Botanica
Hermione Agee
Flowers - Daisy, Patricia E Ritter
Flowers - Daisy
Patricia E Ritter
Flowers - Dancing Daisies, Irene Steele
Flowers - Dancing Daisies
Irene Steele
Flowers - Enchanted, Anne Bright
Flowers - Enchanted
Anne Bright
Flowers - Fleurs, Roxanne McTeague
Flowers - Fleurs
Roxanne McTeague
Flowers - Flower Burst, Judy Lyon
Flowers - Flower Burst
Judy Lyon
Flowers - Flower Power, Patricia E Ritter
Flowers - Flower Power
Patricia E Ritter
Flowers - Garden Roses, Debra D Geissler
Flowers - Garden Roses
Debra D Geissler
Flowers - Meandering Geranium, Patricia E Ritter
Flowers - Meandering Geranium
Patricia E Ritter
Flowers - Merrily, Anne Bright
Flowers - Merrily
Anne Bright
Flowers - Pansy, Dave Hudson
Flowers - Pansy
Dave Hudson
Flowers - Provence, Lisa Thiessen
Flowers - Provence
Lisa Thiessen
Flowers - Pysanki Flower, Judy Lyon
Flowers - Pysanki Flower
Judy Lyon
Flowers - Rambler Rose, Meredith England
Flowers - Rambler Rose
Meredith England
Flowers - Rhapsody, Jodi Beamish
Flowers - Rhapsody
Jodi Beamish
Flowers - Rose Vine, Norma Sharp/Counce
Flowers - Rose Vine
Norma Sharp/Counce
Flowers - Spin, Jodi Beamish
Flowers - Spin
Jodi Beamish
Flowers - Sunflowers, Judy Lyon
Flowers - Sunflowers
Judy Lyon
Flowers - Tapestry, Anne Bright
Flowers - Tapestry
Anne Bright
Flowers - Wildflower, Jodi Beamish
Flowers - Wildflower
Jodi Beamish
Fruit - Cherry Waltz, Judy Lyon
Fruit - Cherry Waltz
Judy Lyon
Fruit - Potpourri, Judy Lyon
Fruit - Potpourri
Judy Lyon
Leaves - Autumn Oaks, Jodi Beamish
Leaves - Autumn Oaks
Jodi Beamish
Leaves - Autumn Wind, Judy Lyon
Leaves - Autumn Wind
Judy Lyon
Leaves - Blowing Leaves, Dave Hudson
Leaves - Blowing Leaves
Dave Hudson
Leaves - Clover, Christy Dillon
Leaves - Clover
Christy Dillon
Leaves - Easy Leaves, Dave Hudson
Leaves - Easy Leaves
Dave Hudson
Leaves - Fall Foliage, Patricia E Ritter
Leaves - Fall Foliage
Patricia E Ritter
Leaves - Falling Leaves, Rita Galaska
Leaves - Falling Leaves
Rita Galaska
Leaves - Ground Cover, Keryn Emmerson
Leaves - Ground Cover
Keryn Emmerson
Leaves - Leaf Play, Keryn Emmerson
Leaves - Leaf Play
Keryn Emmerson
Leaves - Maple Breezes, Judy Lyon
Leaves - Maple Breezes
Judy Lyon
Leaves - Meandering Jasmine, Patricia E Ritter
Leaves - Meandering Jasmine
Patricia E Ritter
Leaves - Retro Leaves, Anne Bright
Leaves - Retro Leaves
Anne Bright
Leaves - Trellis Vine, Lisa Thiessen
Leaves - Trellis Vine
Lisa Thiessen
Leaves - Trillium Leaf, Darlene Epp
Leaves - Trillium Leaf
Darlene Epp
Leaves - Tropical Expressions, Dave Hudson
Leaves - Tropical Expressions
Dave Hudson